Tennis Courts

The Quincy Country Club tennis program is designed for players of all ages and ability levels. For juniors, we feature a complete instructional program for youngsters ages 3 to 18, to both introduce the game to preschool players as well as to develop the games of high school players. For adults we have a ladies doubles clinic and competition as well as a beginning ladies clinic. For men we organize and run a round robin club championship tournament as well as several social mixed doubles round robins. Our program is run by USPTA professional Mike Terry with the help of USPTA and USPTR professional Monica Hinkamper along with the top junior and college players in the area.

Tennis Staff:

  • Mike Terry, USPTA, Director of Tennis, Head Professional
  • Todd Willing, USPTA, Assit. Professional
  • Monica Hinkamper, USPTA/USPTR, Asst. Professional

Junior Instructors:

  • Alyssa Daly
  • Amy Dawson
  • Kadi Fauble
  • Madison Kim
  • Jacob Terry
  • Collin Adams
  • Tom O’Connor


  1. Members must sign a guest ticket each time guests are brought to the Club to play tennis.  Guest tickets are kept at the stand located outside the tennis courts.  A GUEST is defined as any person who is NOT a member of the Quincy Country Club.  If seen in the presence of a member or dependent, the member’s account will be charged the appropriate fee or fees.
  2. The annual five (5) time limitation for use of Club facilities by nonmembers applies to the tennis courts.
  3. Junior players, under age eighteen (18), must immediately relinquish tennis courts to adult members during the following times:
    • 12 noon to 1:30 p.m. and after 5:00 p.m. on weekdays.
    • Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays.
    • Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.
  4. The juniors must relinquish the courts with no “racketing” or waiting period. The only exception to the above rule would be previously scheduled and announced events run by the Club and authorized by the Tennis Chairman.
  5. It is suggested that doubles will take preference over singles on busy days.
  6. There will be no roller skating, cycling, scooters, or other non-tennis activities allowed on the courts.
  7. A court may be occupied for a one-hour period and must be relinquished after this time when another waiting member is waiting. A member must be present to racket a court and members need not surrender the court after one hour unless there are other players waiting.
  8. Parents will be held responsible for the acts of their children on Club property.
  9. Tennis players must wear proper attire at all times, as provided in the “Dress Policies and Rules.”
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