Kids Camp

Every Wednesday

9:00 A.M.-3:00 P.M.

May 29th-August 14th



The price of Kids Camp each day is $20 per child. Each child must be at least five years of age and potty-trained. We welcome all kids meeting the criteria to Kids Camp to explore their various interests.

Daily Plans

The daily agenda for Kids Camp is planned in advance to maintain structure and organization. This helps parents and kids anticipate what is going on each day at Kids Camp. See the plans posted by the pool area, through the monthly newsletter, or via email. If any special arrangements need to be made, please contact the QCC Manager, or the Kids Camp Director.


Each day there is a special craft planned to engage and motivate kids to use their creative skills. All of the crafts involve exciting colors, fun pieces, and safe equipment or applicants.


Kids are encouraged to communicate to the staff what activities they wish to participate in. Options are always available with games like soccer, foursquare, Capture the Flag, basketball, and kickball. This year, unique activities will be offered each day and will change weekly.


Delicious and kid-friendly meals will reserved daily at Kids Camp, and during the Lock-In. Kids will have the choice between two or three options each day. Separate menus will also be posted. If you would like to know more, please send any questions or comments to the QCC Manager or Kids Camp Director.


Kids Camp Director

Meg Stalder

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