Junior Golf Program Outline

Junior Golf

Starting the second week in June



  • $50 Per Golfer




  • Tuesday 9 am-10am 


    • Ages 5-8
    •  Last Name A-K
    • Pick up by 10:15 am



  • Tuesday 10:30 am-11:30am 


    • Ages 5-8
    • Last Name L-Z
    • Drop off after 10:15 am



  • Thursday 9am-10:15am


    • Ages 9-12
    • Everyone



  • Friday 8:30 am-9am


    • Teenagers
    • Playing 9 holes afterwards



  • Drop Off and Pick Up:


    • Each child will be assigned a color as to which group they will be part of.
    • This color indicates where the child is to be dropped off at and picked up from each week.
    • This eliminates a large group of kids congregating together around the golf shop or somewhere else.
    • They will be part of this group for all of junior golf.
    • Parents/babysitter/nannies will not be allowed to congregate around the  clubhouse unless the mandate is lifted.



  • During Junior Golf: 


    • Kids will stay within their assigned group and these groups will have no more than 8 kids in them. There will also be 1 or 2 instructors per group.
    • If there is no driving range or practice greens, junior golf will take place out on the course. There will be different stations on different holes that the groups will rotate through.
    • The golfers will only be in contact with their own golf balls.
    • Old range balls will be used at the stations, but only the instructors will be in contact with those.
    • When moving from station to station we ask kids to stay at least a club length away from one another.
    • Putting and chipping greens will be broken up into quadrants with rope. There will only be two kids within each quadrant and the kids will stay in that quadrant while they are at that station.
    • At the stations there will be colored dots laid down for the kids to stand on if it is not their turn to hit/chip/putt. The dots will be placed 6 feet away from each other.
    • Instructors will have masks for when they are in close contact with the children.
    • There will not be juice and cookies afterwards unless the ban is lifted by the governor


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