Here at Quincy Country Club, the member is the most important person in our business. We spend extra time and effort with a commitment to service in the little things that make your dining experience enjoyable.

As Executive Chef at Quincy Country Club, my focus is on quality ingredients. Today, a growing global marketplace combined with an interest in multi-culturalism and diversity has led to the popularization of many cuisines. We blend cooking styles and ingredients from around the world to create special dishes that, if well received, may become a mainstay on our menu.

Our menu regularly changes and we run a variety of specials seasonally. Our pasty chef, Janet Scoggan, prepares pastries, breads and decadent desserts for your enjoyment. Our attention to detail goes unsurpassed in the Tri-State area.

As a member, please join us for a delicious meal in one of our dining rooms or plan a private party, business meeting, wedding or special occasion with our General Manger, Matthew Mulherin. We look forward to serving you with remarkable service, a dedication to quality and a respect for you as “our member” at Quincy Country Club.

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