Pool Rules


  1. The pool will be open daily, weather permitting, from 10:00 A.M. until 8:00 P.M. Memorial Day through Labor Day
  1. Adult lap swim is from 10:00 – 11:00 P.M. and 5:00 – 7:00 P.M. daily. If there are no adults present the area will be open to all swimmers.
  1. A lifeguard may suspend swimming during periods of heavy rain or when thunderstorms are in the area. The minimum waiting period is fifteen (15) minutes for thunder and lightning.
  1. All members must register themselves and their guests daily upon entering the pool area.
  1. A guest fee is charged for the use of the swimming pool. Guests are limited to five (5) visits per year, regardless of which member brings them.
  1. Babysitters for children under twelve (12) shall not be considered guests when present in lieu of a parent, and they will not be subject to guest fees. The Pool Manager shall be informed if a babysitter will be used on a routine basis.
  2. Proper swimming attire is required, as provided in the “Dress Policies and Rules.”
  3. Persons in pool attire must restrict their presence to the pool area
  4. No on who is ill, has recently been injured, or has an open sore or skin disease may go in the pool.
  5. Patio furniture and sun charis are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  6. Parents shall be fully responsible for their children at all times.
  7. Lifeguards are responsible for enforcing safety rules and responding to emergencies. Parents or guardians should supervise their children.
  8. The authority of the Lifeguards on any matter pertaining to swimming or the enforcement of rules is final.
  9. Please do not reprimand any employee. Any complaints of any type must be made to the Pool Manager, Pool Chairman, or Club Manager.
  10. All accidents and diaper problems (no matter how minor) must be reported to the Lifeguard on duty or Pool Manager.
  11. The children wearing diapers are required to wear swim diapers when they are in the pool. Cabana has swim diapers available for purchase.
  12. All arrangmenets for private swimming parties should be scheduled with the Club Manager. The Club Manager should be given the number of guests so appropriate lifeguard coverage can be scheduled. Generally, the pool will not be closed for private parties unless authroized by the Club Manager for exceptional circumstances. There is an extra fee for any party held after regular pool hours.
  13. The telephone is available primarily for emergency use. Phonce calls by members and guests should be brief and kept to a minimum. Lifeguards will not answer the phone.
  14. Glass containers of any type are not permitted in the pool area.
  15. All users of the pool area must deposit their trash in the receptacles provided for this purpose.
  16. Employees ONLY are permitted in the lifeguard office or storage rooms.
  17. The pool may be closed at the discretion of the Pool Manager or Lifeguard during inclement weather that is forcassted to last the entire day.
  18. All chidlren under ten (10) must be supervised by a competent person (sixteen (16) years or older) at all times.
  19. Children ten (10) through twelve (12) may swim unaccompanied by an adult provided they hae passed the Lifeguard’s Swimming Test. An emergency phone number must be provided to the Pool Manager or Lifeguard on duty.
  20. 2During adult lap swim, swimming is not permitted in any lap lane by children seventeen (17) or under without permission from the Pool Manager or Swim Coach.
  21. Deep water privileges will be extended to those who pass the Swimming Competency Test

– Swim one length (25 yeards) of the pool without stopping or standing

– Tread water for one (1) minute in the diving well

  1. Running, rough play, and personal conduct endangering safety of self and others are prohibited.
  2. No dunking or hanging on the pool shot (Basketball hoop)
  3. Splashing and spraying others with the fountains will not be allowed
  4. No momre than one person is allowed on the diving board or water slide at any time.Wait until the swimmer is out of the way before you go off
  5. Jumping from any lifeguard stand is prohibited.
  6. Anyone caught vandalizing the pool or bathhouse will be suspended from poo priviledges for the remainder of the season.
  7. The Lifeguards and Pool Manager are in complete charge of the pool area and have the authority to ask anyone to leave the pool if that person disobeys the safety rules or if his or her conduct is detrimental to the common pleasure of the other members enjoying the area.
  8. The Lifeguards and Pool Manager have the right to deny the use of the pool to anyone who repeatedly violates the rules
  9. Drinks and food are allowed by the pool including the fenced-in area (paper or plastic ONLY, no glassware). Please throw your trash away.
  10. The following toys are not alled in or around the pool area without permission from the Pool Manager:

– Oversized Floats

– Water Guns and Super Soakers

– Bicycles and Scooters (Should be Locked up by the Tennis Courts)

  1. Avoid swallowing water. The pool water is not suitable for drinking.
  2. Personal conduct within the pool area must be such that the safety of self and others is not jeopardized. No running or boisterous or rough play is permitted.
  3. Diving in water less than five (5) feet deep is not permitted except when allowed for competetive swimming and training under the direct supervision of the Swim Coach or Pool Manager.
  4. The therapy seat area is for adults. Children seventeen (17) and under may use it at the Lifeguard’s discretion.
  5. No one may sit or play on the flat fountain area or the thrapy seat wall.
  6. The wading area is mainly for babies and very small children. No running in this area please.
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